For all you sophisticated  creative types.  I have fallen into this category on occasions working with the photographers, stylists and magazines. I have contributed hair & make-up for creative publications such as the Face and early days of Dazed and Confused (Previous Rankin and Katie Grand publication),  Katie also has her own publication  Love  and I  follow the Twitter feed.

As a hair & Make-up Artist I find it difficult to stay in one area of work. Always changing and looking at things in different ways and diversifying.   As a make up artist you tend to find the area of work you prefer and work with the same people. Although many artists will dip in and out of various types of work depending on the doors that are open to you.

I urge you to subscribe as I love stuff like this with it’s beautiful and thought provoking images.   Working with photographers,  using fashion styling, hair and make-up, colour, fashion, photography, lighting etc. It’s the combination of all these things that are important to offer the creative message over to the reader. It gets my vote on imagery and interesting interviews and general good read. HUNGER MAGAZINE / HUNGER TV   


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