I met photographer Diana Gomez briefly at the LFW China Ball Fashion Show at the Natural History Museum London.  So when I received a press release from the PR I wanted to cover this exhibition.  I’m totally in love with the visual experience of the FREE WOMEN installation of these life size portraits.  You still have a chance to drop by Pikes Hotel Ibiza as it finishes on the 30th September. Diana’s images are from a feminist – driven perspective, semi- autobiographical and influenced by her Latin American roots. Women here paint their nails in bright colours, adorn their ears with statement jewellrey and influenced by music and rhythms from birth. The women here are portrayed as confidant and empowered as it’s Diana’s intention to send a message to live your life on your own terms, rules and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

These striking portraits are beautifully staged with immense colour, optimism, and passion.  They have a wild, hedonistic feel that’s upbeat with a hint of sex, drugs and rock & roll to add to the excitement and mix.  Diana’s Latin American roots really shine through these images and are full of personality, drive and charisma.  This is the perfect location for this type of photographic installation under the hedonistic skies of the infamous  Pikes Hotel  Ibiza, where it has it’s own distant, crazy, checkered, colourful past.

This Exhibition are Portraits by Diana Gomez at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza in support of The Teenage Cancer Trust. Key portraits were sold and 20% of each sale were given to the charity. Money raised here will go towards world class specialist units, hospitals and homes across the UK.

To buy the work go to www.dianagomezshop.com

To view further work from photographer/director Diana Gomez just click on the link Diana Gomez.

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