I’ve had the chance to use SENSAI SILKY DESIGN ROUGE £28 and it feels smooth, soft and silky as it easily glides onto the lip. In the image above there’s a slight edge to the crayon offering an added lip liner if you need to use one. Red lip colour can be tricky to match to your skin tone and the shape of your mouth. I’m sure you’ve all had that experience of a colour looking great on someone else and doesn’t work for you. SENSAI have created a collection of varying degrees of red tones to suit many skin tones and complexions that also reflect the changing seasons in nature. When trying these lip crayons for the first time make sure you take a friend, apply over a lip primer and view the finished effect in daylight. Department stores are famous for bad lighting and pigments are always distorted. Ingredients include sunflower oil and Japanese Koishimara silk so adding moisture and softness.


SENSAI SILKY DESIGN ROUGE £28 exclusive at Harrods May 2016 Twitter @sensaibeauty Instagram @sensaibeauty

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