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The students arrived on time and we started with the real simple skills of make-up application. It is the the attention to detail that creates good make-up effects. Using the right brushes and approaching your client properly. Basic make-up application is the starting point on this introductory course to the beauty industry as a whole. The  basis of all good sound make-up techniques styles and ideas. As an expert I love to share my experience and expertise with anyone who loves to learn new skills. I know my students always enjoy my courses as I cater for them and what it is they really want to learn. Plus I have a surprise next week of new products for my students to work with in class  www.myfacecosmetics.co.uk   thank you to Daisy www.nbpr.co.uk for sending a selection of make-up products for my students to work with for the coming weeks.  Something to start up their make-up kits for the future.  See you there.

Great start and a new last minute student to join our group. The brief for this evening was something rather more spectacular. Lots of colour that had a mix of cream shadow and powder shadow with black smokey eyes, kohl and a hot red lipstick with gloss that looked blood red with sparkles, topped with red lip pencil to create sharpness. Lots of notes to write about how to get this look,  product ideas,  with tons of ideas how to sculpt contour conceal & how to apply this great make-up so very easily.

At the end of the class I gave new products to my students from www.myfacecosmetics.com.  Each student took two products to try and start their make-up kits.  Here are some of their comments. Thanks again Daisy at nbpr.

This course is only a four evening experience. I know that all the students who attend this course learn so much from me and my varied experience in this industry. I pack in everything and more than the course outline lets on. Hope you may join us next time May 2011.

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