The luxury brand Eisenberg Paris based in Monaco has made its way over to Britain with a very French flamboyant flavour. The Trio-Molecular Formula is patent to this brand worldwide. These key ingredients help to regenerate with enzymes by removing dead skin cells and alleviating dullness, energises with Cytokine extracted from milk improving firmness and appearance, oxygenates with Biostimulin extracted from fresh tissue of young beech shoots to stimulate tone and elasticity and Paraben free.

Boots UK seem to be ever expanding their beauty ranges from all parts of the world and now offers some of this range through  click & collect.  Eisenberg Paris is very extensive for face and body for men and women, including suncare, make-up range, and 15 very individual fragrances.

Luckily i had the chance to try out the Firming Remodelling Mask  applied and left on for five mins followed by the Face Refining Serum  it certainly had a slight firming effect and left me with bit of an instant fresh faced finish ready for make-up. Another favourite is the All Over Nourishing Cream night treatment which builds up a gradual illuminating glow that really worked for me.

I couldn’t resist these beautiful paintings below attached to each of the fragrances. The artist who created them Brazilian painter Juarez Machado created a painting for each scent to interpret each of the emotions. Have a look online to see what Boots UK are doing.


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