Having recently been invited to see a hotlist of some of the top fragrances for the coming year i jumped at the chance to see what was available. Fragrances offer us memory to special occasions, people, a time in our lives to remember and reflect so choosing the right scent is incredibly important. Here’s a quick  blog entry and shortcut to seek out something special and memorable to wear for a wedding day.

Jean Patou’s Joy classic signature fragrances has always offered great  style, luxury and something a little bit above the rest! The latest edition Joy Forever offers a timeless, luxury, fragrance with a floral bouquet with orris and orange flower at the heart. It will always remind you of something past and then it hits your senses and brings you back into the moment a contemporary twist.  As the name suggests Joy Forever…….

JOY Forever EDP Bottle Shot Available exclusively from Harrods.com prices start from £65  30ml EDP.

Annick Goutal has some of the most amazing fragrances i have ever discovered in the perfumery industry. Probably one of the first perfumers ever to create a fragrance for both men and women very successfully with  Eau d’Hadrien, it’s an all time favourite. Men’s fragrances are tricky and to be honest i haven’t found that many that truly stand out.  Eau De Monsieur really hits you when you smell and sense this fragrance for the first time.  Notes of amber, sandlewood, white musk, tonka bean and bombay wood.  If you’re keen to find something truly special for men then this is the perfect solution.  www.annickgoutal.com

CaptureAvailable at Harrods  prices start from £60 EDT 50ml

Hermes have created two new beautiful new fragrances for Men and Women. For him the new edition Terre d’Hermes Eau tres fraiche offers simplicity in it’s design. The essence of this scent is water from the earth and focuses on fresh rushing icy water, Seville oranges and aldehydes from the distant past. Long lasting and very individual.  Available exclusively from Harrods 1st May 2014. Nationwide from 26th May.

Capture 2

For her it is the absolute opposite in feel, look and essence.  Jour d’Hermes is truly feminine as the light shines through the design of this bottle.  Notes include apricots and bouquet’s of flowers.  Available Harrods and nationwide House of Frazer



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