Triumph & Disaster had something to say in the infamous Snooker room recently at the back of the Groucho Club in Dean Street London’s Soho. In the image above is the latest edition to this range created by New Zealander Dion Nash the international cricketer in 2011.  Logic Skin Toner a Witch Hazel Toning Lotion refreshes, hydrates and cleanses the skin before a moisturizer.  It’s usually the men who borrow the skin care on the quiet. Well it’s going to be the reverse with brands like these. Personally I like brands designed and marketed to both sexes. It certainly feels like the future of skincare.

Two great recommendations are the Sunscreen SPF 50 that doesn’t leave a white film over the skin. YLF on the right happens to be an all rounder in the shower for the face, hair and body.  Often simplicity is the best answer.

Click on the image below for the promotional film and here for the site  Triumph & Disaster. 

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