There are so many wearable fragrances and I’m sure you’ve all had your favorites. Notes are the essential part of fragrance and it is the scent that appeals to our  souls, senses, nature, and individual personality.  So without knowing you will make decisions according to memory and experience. Culture also plays a big part in our lives and many people have preferences depending on what influences them growing up.

TFK’s exclusive Eau De Parfum range created by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, each hand made fragrance comes with it’s own personal name and beautiful quote printed on this very mysterious sleek bottle that is completley different to any other you will see in any exclusive perfumery.  My favorite “Son of a Rose” the quote reads ” In a gentle way, you can shake the world” Mohandas Gandhi.   The Signature range consists of 36 perfumes which are designed to be worn “just like ready to wear every day.”  Tom Ford collaborated with Sheikh Majed in 2009 and requested an exclusive scent made for his boutique in Kuwait which became a bestseller.

” My grandmother taught me how to mix oils from the souk and source precious ingredients from India,” Sheikh Majed continues, ” Centuries- old family perfume recipes are closely guarded secrets among Middle Eastern families handed down through the generations, I have hundreds.”  This is certainly a collaboration of Middle Eastern perfumery and the expertise of Grasse, the world’s Perfume Capital.

The Fragrance Kitchen Milan and Kuwait.


Having recently visited photographer Richard Young’s Gallery through a launch of NARS latest make-up and skin care products.   I simply couldn’t let these images pass you by of Elizabeth Taylor.  Wonderful images from two different photographic perspectives and cultures.   Firooz Zahedi interview and images can be seen on the TFK website, Richard Young’s reportage of “In the moment” back and whites from his gallery.

Both amazing photographers!

Firooz Zahedi

Richard Young

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