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Detox Kitchen loved by many and created by a young woman entrepreneur Lily Simpson, who certainly knows a lot about healthy living as a chef.  A family herb garden and traveling to countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and Morocco, inspired her love of Organic good food.

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Great skin can be achieved through the right beauty treatments, skin care and make-up application. Treating the skin’s overall health needs a good diet to improve the elasticity and functionality of the skin. The right type and amount of nutritious food helps to brighten the skin and reflect a healthy glow!

The food combinations makes this food very exciting! As the name suggests it caters for all your dietary needs no matter what you want to address in your diet or lifestyle. It would certainly help keep you on the straight and narrow when embarking on a good routine of eating in this way!  By the way puddings are allowed.  Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, 5th floor Detox Kitchen Deli.

To order direct for delivery, events, menus and drinks etc….The Detox Kitchen

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