Trilogy very rarely have their own dedicated press events so thankfully I managed to make it to the Scream Gallery in EastCastle St W1 ( which is certainly worth a visit).  I love oils of any kind as they are versatile and can be mixed with any of your products. I’m always changing my skin care and never look at the instructions. For me the three heroes above deliver everything that’s written about them and more to be honest. One thing for sure you won’t ever be disappointed with this brand. It’s a genuine certified and organic range and everything I’ve tried so far feels and smells delicious.  Infact it was another amazing product called the Very Gentle Calming Serum in the range that I was introduced to first.  I’ve worked with many products and there are great ones out there. It’s not until you try something out for yourself especially in an emergency you have no idea whether it really works. The Very Gentle Calming Serum happens to be the owners own personal favourite.  So instinctively  i picked up the product and slung it in my bag and thought i might need it this time. It turned out I’ve needed this product on two separate occasions and it honestly begins to deliver within 30 seconds and continues to affect the skin long after application.  So for those of you who just find yourself plagued with redness and sensitivity and fail to find a solution.  This product works wonders. Trilogy has no preference on who use their products it works for everyone all ages and genders.

very-gentle-calming-serumLook online Trilogy and try it for yourself. There are many other brilliant products available to buy in pharmacy’s and department stores nationwide.

This is all for Valentines and I couldn’t resist this painting below on sale in the Scream Gallery @ScreamEditions, The Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day from the artist William Blanchard.  Love is like a Butterfly.

Love is like

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