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I’m a big fan of Origins and have always worked and used the make-up, skin care and tasted the herbal teas. They were one of the earliest major brands in 1990 who anticipated the current big trend of natural health & well being in skin care, make-up, supplements & teas.  So launching this new app for 2016 brings the whole Origins experience to a full circle. The fact you’re able to carry this portable personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach perfectly into your pocket means you’re able to pick it up anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Madeleine Shaw’s Origins “Glow Girl” leads the way for new anticipated product launches starting in April 2016.  The Glow Girl app takes a good look at an all round health, fitness and nutritional way of living your life day to day in an eight week holistic realistic programme. We learn in various ways and speeds so an app like this supports and helps you go over things in your own time and documents your progress.  It’s a great way of helping you think and focus on what’s really good for you all round in your health, beauty and wellbeing.

Get the app here Origins Glow Girl.  Guides by Madeleine Shaw.


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