lp_lip_rescue_gel_wand-110I become a fan along the way of product launches. Watching lots of  trends & fashions come and go in the beauty industry. So many variations of products and tons of ways to approach skin care.  So when I tried this I liked the feel, smell, texture and thought what a brilliant idea!!!!  Exfoliate and apply the lip rescue gel immediately as it smooths, sooths, polishes & plumps the lips!! www.lpskintherapy.com Harrods in June 2011  www.qvcuk.com Instant Make -up bag item!! and if you love any type of psychology Dr Linda PhD happens to be a world expert in Psychodermatology. The study of how the mind affects the skin. So you might as well learn something all at the same time thats very interesting indeed!!!lp_lip_exfoliator_jar-15

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