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I just couldn’t resist going to the first ever wedding showcase at Trinity House ( click on the image above to see the short film). I absolutely love history and for me buildings add structure to our everyday lives and help us piece and trace the lives of those who lived before us through social history.  This is still a private working building ( not open to the public) given a Royal Charter in 1514 by Henry VIII to look after the well being of seafarers, safety of shipping and later the headquarters of the General Lighthouse Authority (GLA), for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. I’m sure you’re not surprised to know it faces the River Thames, Tower of London and the fascinating All Hallows Anglican Church which has another incredible history all of it’s own and the oldest Church in the City of London dating back to 675 AD.  You have to visit the Church’s Crypt where you’ll find remnants and history of the earliest settlements of Roman London.  The infamous diary writer Samuel Peyps ( who lived across the road) watched the great fire of London from the Church’s Tower.

This venue feels and looks like a private residence where you’ll feel completely at home. Guests will enjoy the history and spectacular views from every window in this building. If you wanted to have a more traditional wedding ceremony/blessing before the wedding reception and party, All Hallows Anglican Church by the Towers across the road offer a refreshingly friendly and progressive view for all couples. I wanted to add one more thought and fact about hiring this venue for your wedding or ceremony occasion, the fees you pay to Trinity House will help towards the amazing list of Charities they support.

Click on this link to find further info Trinity House Weddings & Civil Ceremonies   including prefered suppliers and testimonials.

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