As a great suppporter of Avon cosmetics either working with their products or writing about them. I have even visited and had treatments in the New York Avon Spa in the Trump Tower Fith Avenue where I had my eyebrows waxed for the very first time by the eyebrow Queen on the floor below. Sadly now both closed or moved on from this very 80’s Style tower.  Although for keep’s sake I still have my card holder from Avon’s 40th Birthday Party at the Hempel Hotel London, to celebrate their presence here in Britain and still going strong!!!

Maybe you know Women who so deserve recognition for being truly amazing. I hope some of you will enter and share your experiences whether you work helping others or have overcome something yourself in domestic violence and it’s perfectly fine for you to nominate yourself. It is very important to learn to share your experiences as it releases you from the grip of someone who’s trying to control you! Women supporting women is to be applauded. For Women it is hard enough without the added difficulties that we often have to face.

The Avon UK Womens award is to place recognition on those who really truly deserve prominence in our communities. Avon wants to highlight your experiences.

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