If you’re lucky enough to get Married abroad then the Bahamas would probably would be one of the ultimate destinations to fly.  The Bahamian Islands in May is going to be 70 – 75F.

My expertise in skin care and make-up helps me work well with Brides offering Make-up lessons, trials and special advice. It is very important to have the right skin care, sun protection and make-up.  Hotter climates needs special attention, as skin types, texture and tone is so individual to us personally.  What works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else.

However I just wanted to share this recent PR story for the Bahamas Tourist board as it must be one of the Biggest Wedding Events of 2012.  Unless you can tell me of any others you know?  16 couples will Marry simultaneously on 16 Islands. Did you know there were 16 Islands?  I didn’t until I met the PR at the Wedding4Media event, sponsored by Denby  at One Marlybone W1.

Click and read the latest on the build up to the BIG DAY! So here we are 16th May and only eight hours to go.

Just follow the couples on the link!


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