I had no idea what to expect when visiting the MANUKA DOCTOR press event. I knew about Bee Venom through Pegasus PR and thought ok another skin care trend. After looking at Dr Han’s research paper and seeing the evidence for Purified Bee Venom, it seems to offer a real relief for problem skin in various ways.  Through the right ingredient combination ApiNourish helps to moisturize, hydrate and restore the natural healthy balance in long term sun damaged skin, by improving the collagen and elastin fibres to increase firmness and create a youthful appearance.  The healing properties of Manuka Honey from New Zealand combined with the Purified Bee Venom, helps to clear and cleanse the bacteria in the pores so helping to control and reduce the oil secretion, that causes the blemished skin. Whether it’s an acne condition,  or just a few spots at certain times in the month, using the ApiClear range will help to reduce the problem significantly.

ApiNourish includes products such as the Rejuvenating Face Mask £49.99, Age Defying Serum £24.99, Restoring Night Cream £24.99, Repairing Skin Cream £24.99, Foot and Heel Cream £8.99, Lip Ease Balm £3.49

ApiNourish Anti-aging Serum

ApiClear has products such as Skin Treatment Serum £18.99, Foaming Cleanser £16.99, Facial  Toner £16.99, Skin Ease Repair Gel £6.49, and a Facial Moisturizing Lotion £16.99.

Available through selected Lloyds pharmacies, Superdrug,  Tesco Beauty concept stores,  Holland and Barrett nationwide. Products are dermatologically tested, Paraben and SLS free.

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Coincidentally a new recent study found that a toxin in Bee Venom can Kill the HIV virus read the story further in the  Huffington Post 

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