A quick post about the fabulous Beauty Week coming up at Fenwick of Bond Street 4th – 11th  March. In store the very best beauty activities include tips and tricks from Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Hannah Martin, tutorials by the Charlotte Tilbury team on the new Facial Dry Sheet Mask.

This much loved Beauty Bag has many of my favouite brands inside, Nars, Lancome, Suqqu, By Terry, whats not to love about the bag itself beautifully illustrated by Clym Evernden.

Worth over £300 this gift can be bought for £49,  spend £250 or over and it’s yours as a gift. Details on what’s going on in store at Fenwick of Bond Street …Beauty Week.


Some of the latest make-up collection on counter/online from Yves Saint Laurent for Spring of 2017. It’s called the Street and I Collection and has an urban city feel which is reflected in the packaging and nail colour.  It’s good to see a coral blush with a mix of subtle soft pinks for the eyes.

The eye shadow palette for Spring brings brightness and softness in one compact. Couture Palette Collector.. Keep an Eye on Me £42.50..

Eye pencils have a duo colour with a soft smudging applicator. Creates definition and softness around the eyes.. Dessin Du Regard Arty Duo £20.

Face Palette Collector..I Have A Blush On You £42.50.  Coral shades suit most skin tones.

Many brands have lips and cheeks together in one product. I have to confess these are my favourite. Nothing like a two in one make-up product. Loving the shades they’ve chosen to pair up. Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick £26.

Two new shades Gloss Volupte £22 Acrylic Pink and Orange Granite.

These wonderful new additions to the YSL Beaute Volupte Tint-in-Balm £27, offers a sheer lip colour with a conditioning balm. Available in three shade families.. meaning something for everyone. Exclusive to Selfridges until 29th March and then Nationwide.

Loving these three Limited Edition Urban nail colours, La Laque Couture £19, No 80 Blanc Arty, No 81 Vandal Orange, No 82 Asphalt Grey..



Hair myths get past around without any thought to the real truth. So Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist and hair care expert at Philip Kingsley wanted to share her expertise with you. So here’s some real hair truths to set you straight.

First out is, ” A cold rinse closes the hair cuticle, Well that’s not true, water has a neutral PH. A conditioner is slightly acidic so helping to smooth the hair. In fact icy water constricts the blood supply to the hair follicle.

“Shampooing dries the hair and strips away natural oils,” Water actually hydrates the hair and the natural oil that secrets through the scalp just sits on top of your hair. All modern shampoos are soap-less (soap just strips the hair of natural oils) and are formulated with various agents that help condition and strengthen the hair.

“If you pull one grey hair out, two will grow in its place,” It’s one of those myths that’s been around forever. Apart from being painful, it’s damaging to the hair follicle and you could face having bald patches. It’s a total myth your hair will get thicker.

HyperFocal: 0

“Your hair cleans itself”, Well hello i don’t think so. This is a common perception and the opposite is true. Without regular washing a build up of yeasts and bacteria will make the hair smelly, dirty, greasy, and make the scalp flaky. Just like the rest of your body you need to keep it clean. It’s wishful thinking to think your hair will clean itself.

“Shampooing causes hair loss”, Frequent shampooing is beneficial for hair growth. Massaging the scalp helps to release hairs that have stopped growing. The hair has a process of growing and then replacing itself. I’m sure you’ve noticed hair in your brush, on your clothes or on the floor and this is perfectly normal. If you’re having scalp treatment then topical drops or toners wouldn’t be as effective on a dirty scalp. Flakes on the hair scalp tend to trigger hair loss so regular hair washing is imperative.

” Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp”, Well the opposite is true. Dandruff loves an oily environment and is usually oily, not dry. Dandruff can be triggered by stress due to an increase of male hormones which switches on the sebaceous glands increasing oil production.  The yeast responsible for dandruff (Malassezia Furfur) is Lipophilic which means it thrives in an oily environment.  So if you’re thinking of rubbing oils into the scalp it will just make it worse. Choose products that combat the yeast so labeled PK Flaky/Itchy Scalp, Shampoo and /or Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner. Philip Kingsley 

HyperFocal: 0



This Friday 21st October, No7 READY campaign announces it’s collaboration with the award winning author and celebrated feminist speaker, feminist icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as the new face.

I’m often really impressed with the colour spectrum and finish of foundations at No7 and recommend products to clients.  In the colour spectrum there are 20 skin – true shades developed through measuring exact skin tones scientifically on over 2,000 women.

The No7 Match Made Service will find the perfect foundation and colour match lipsticks, blushers, concealers and bronzer shades.

Boots No7



Recently visited the latest DIORROUGE Lipstick launch at the Swiss Church in Endell Street WC2.  I’ve walked past this place a million times not knowing how it helps the local community. It’s great to see large companies like Dior hiring venues like these to host press and blogger events.

Feast your eyes on the myriad of colours especially the four Extreme Matte Shades for the trendiest followers of fashion. These lipsticks are available in Five Colour Families, The Natural Nudes, The Legendary Reds, The Passionate Corals, The Pretty Pinks. Nationwide from 1st September 2016. £26.50.





My visit to The London Edition  Hotel in Berners St, London W1 happen to be on the hottest day of the year for Christmas in July. The Penthouse was nice and cool with a very spacious outdoor balcony for those brave enough to sit outside in the red hot sun to sip their drinks. I’m a fan of Chantecaille and love almost everything they do. Once you’ve tried these shadows on counter you’ll know how easy they are to apply. I tried this palette £75 and it’s texture is smooth and creamy like velvet when applied and i’m loving the colour combo very stylish for the Autumn/Winter 2016. This season it’s Protect the Lions Eye Palette which is the ethical side of this beauty brand who donate a percentage to very worthy wildlife causes every season. On the right is the blusher that will carry you easily through spring/summer and beyond and are available on counter from the 1st August.
These are the latest shimmering Mermaid Eye Color new editions £29, crease proof as a shadow, apply wet or dry, water resistant and double up an eyeliner. The metallic colours this season have a real wow factor.
Finally these wonderful lip colours Matte Chic £36 are the latest lipstick innovation. Completely matte, long-wearing and weightless these colours help to blur and slightly plump the lip line at the same time. Completely inspired by the fabulous models Suzy Parker and Dovima  just click on the links to see their timeless style, we always look back for our ideas which are now twinned with the latest technology.   I’m loving Chantecaille.




Wedding make-up is often the last priority on your list after the dress, venue, catering, guest list and photographer. So if you’re a last minute bride who just wants to pick up a few special make-up items for yourself on the day then Dior will never let you down. Going to the counter is the best way to have a play with the products so to make sure they really work well on your skin type and tone. The eye shadow palettes £43.50, are a combination of usable colours that will last for many seasons. The shadows are easily applied and offer a great finish that easily softens around the eyes, use a fine eyeliner brush dipped into water and the shadow becomes a colourful liner.  Dior make-up, left 366 Bain De Mer, right Escapade £43.50.

Dior Addict Lipsticks act like a glaze with an ultra – shiny finish top coat effect £26.50.
Capture 2Dior Addict Milky Lip Tints have a beautiful pastel finish perfect for a summers day..£26.50..
CaptureThese pastel nails are fun and come with what they call a dotting tool so to create the polka dot effect on the nails, Colour & Dots Manicure Kits: 001 Pastilles, 002 Confettis, 003 Plumetis £23.50.


For an added gloss effect on the eyes Dior Addict Fluid Shadow – 555 Eccentric, 775 Ecstatic £25.50.
eye diorDior Addict It Line – 359 It-Jade, 959 It-Lilac £25.50
defineA Limited Edition Diorshow Iconic Overcurl £25.50 offers a Metallic liquid bronze effect over your lashes.
iconic overcurlAvailable on counter Summer 2016 see the latest online.. Dior..



Tiny Rituals Mother and Baby range has an ethical message and productively set up a foundation called TINY MIRACLES,  giving 10% of each purchase to less privileged children in India.

The ritual of spending time and engaging with your new born baby is a very important time. Bonding happens in the very early stages for you and your child and will determine the health, happiness and well being between you in the long-term. As a discerning shopper with money to spend this product range is the purchase with a social conscious. So whether you’re treating someone as a gift or just buying for yourself. The Baby Collection consists of Baby Massage Oil £12.50, that’s mild and good for sensitive skins, Ultra Mild Baby Hair & Body Wash £8.50, Mild & Caring Baby Bath Oil £14.50, Baby Body Lotion £12.50, Baby Gift Set £17.50, Baby Room & Linen Mist £16.50. There’s the Baby Bath Cape £14.50, Baby Wash Gloves Elephant Family & Mama Elephant £5.50.  For mum an Anti-Streatchmark Cream £19.50 and a Mum’s Bath Set £19.50.

Tiny Rituals Nationwide.. Stockists Rituals.com  In store from June 13th 2016..find a store near you..Rituals




I’m a real fan of this company Caudalie. I met the owners way back when they started the company and thought what a great idea using grapes from the parents Vineyard to create this brand. It’s true that grapes do have a very high level of antioxidants. They have so many brill products and you will have your favourites just like me. I carry around the Eau De Beauty, Beauty Elixir £11.50, the best companion all year round to refresh and freshen the face, hair and body. The delicate scent is often what you need day to day to lift the spirits.

So it was a big deal that they added further products to the ever expanding skin care range.  Above are four new hydrating products. From left to the right is the Moisturizing Sorbet addressing the driest, dehydrated sensitive of skins, that reduces redness. The next one along is the Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid, fights shine while adding moisture to the skin and leaves a soft and velvety finish. Moisture Recovery Cream, offers the nutrients to help create supple skin. Vinosource Riche Intense Moisture Rescue Cream adds the nourishment to very dry skin that lacks moisture.

Finally the Grape Water £6 soothes & moisturizes and perfect for the sensitive of skins. I tend to keep these in the fridge in the Summer. All products above £23, 40 ml.

Available online and in the fabulous Caudalie SPA Monmouth Street W1.  They offer treatments in house and on occasions have wine from the vineyard itself for you to try.





Most people love to be pampered and take the time out to be self indulgent. The one thing about Bobbi Brown is that they do their bit for charity to support women. This isn’t the first time they’ve raised money for the brilliant charity Smart Works UK  over the counter in the UK.  It’s such a convenient way for the shopper to experience a make-up lesson in one of the studios mentioned below and know the money you’ve spent goes directly to Smart Works UK. The charity offers interview clothes, styling advice and interview training for women who need the support to go back to work and move on with their lives.

The Secret to Confidence Makeup Lesson is available from 10th-31st March 2016.

Lessons exclusively available in free standing Bobbi Brown Studios in the following locations: Covent Garden, Spitalfields, Canary Wharf, Westfield White City, Windsor, St Andrews and Brighton.

A non-refundable booking fee of £15 applies, which includes a copy of Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful Stories Book for the customer to take away.

For more information Bobbi Brown.