Sadly i missed the preview of this film at the Soho Hotel. The last film i saw here happened to be The Muppet Movie in conjunction with Miss Piggy & M.A.C cosmetics.  I love the NY Times Fashion Style section and have been known to subscribe online.

This documentary teaches us that fashion style is alive and well.  So much feels homogeneous nowadays where human beings want to look and sound the same. Maybe we care too much what people think about us. Better to be a true individual and follow your heart. It’s a bit like saying all women and men are the same and we know that isn’t true.  This documentary beautifully and articulately expresses the creativity that’s still alive in some places of New York. The documentary colourfully documents the people rather than the over rated culture of manufactured celebrity.  So wonderful to know that people still follow what they truly love and happy to be themselves.

Watch the NY Times Bill Cunningham New York trailer here  Bill Cunningham UK   you will fall secretly in Love…

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