Oscars basket

I hadn’t tried or knew about Kerstin Florian products until the week of the Oscars. So amazingly I was sent one of the best sellers to try and I’ve only had good comments from the Rehydrating Neroli Water £31.50.  This beautiful floral water from the Bitter Orange Blossom, feels instantly soothing and refreshing when sprayed onto the face and body hydrating sensitive skin making it the perfect companion on a long haul flight or just before make-up. It has a wonderful natural fragrance so helping to create an instant positive effect on the mind.

Kerstin Florian Neroli Water

If you look closely into the Oscar basket above you will see it tucked in neatly into the front alongside further items from the Brightening skin treatments for the face and body.

If you’re planning to be one of the five Oscar Best Actress Nominees or five of the Best Supporting Actress Nominees next year, then this $5,000 luxury basket would be finding it’s way over to you with love & luck prior to to the event. Click here for further details about Spa treatments and products Kerstin Florian International. 

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