Indeed Laboratories in Canada have come up with a range of products that I think are worth every penny.  Brides want their skins to look the absolute best on their wedding day and these products offer real simple solutions for all skin types, whether you want an immediate quick fix or a longer term more impressive effect.  My students on London Fashion weekend at Morley tried Nanoblur in class and immediately saw the difference on the skin. Paraben free and for men and women. Available in Boots.

A product line that’s well known for its immediate effects when applied, launches the NEW pepta-bright, Fade to Bright, creates a luminous, brighter even toned skin!  £29.

Nanoblur £19.99 smoothes, softens and creates a matt effect on the skin, great for photography as an under make-up primer.

Hydraluron £24.99  It’s called the Moisture Booster and helps to keep up the hydration levels on your skin,  as it can become dry and dehydrated.  Lack of moisture on the skin will produce premature fine lines and damage to the skin over the long term.

Snoxin £29.99  A reduction in lines and focuses on softening wrinkles and relaxing deeper furrows, helps to stimulate the skin’s natural processes like collagen.

eyesilix  £24.99  Helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness, softens the lines and slightly lifts the eye, creating a much brighter, lighter,  luminous eye area.

peptalash  £24.99  Helps to create thicker, healthier, longer lashes. Two weeks use and they will appear fuller and darker.

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